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When it comes to mooring, Wider chooses Seadamp PLUS from Seares

9 November 2023

After the innovative Serial Hybrid Propulsion System, Wider, a shipyard that is synonymous with technological innovation and respect for the environment, has chosen the Seadamp PLUS system developed by Seares for its catamarans.

With this new partnership with Seares, Wider continues its commitment to offering owners of its catamarans exclusive and technologically advanced services, guaranteeing total safety and comfort on board.

The Seadamp PLUS system has the peculiarity of recovering the energy dissipated during mooring and at anchor by converting it into electric current that helps recharge the on-board batteries. A unique solution.

The Seadamp PLUS system constantly monitors and adapts to the voltages on the mooring lines, improving on-board stability and safety, and will be installed as standard on the bow and stern mooring islands of the forthcoming Wider catamarans.