Organization and Management Model

The model of organization and management for crime prevention ex d.lgs. 231/2001 ne i saloni nautici srl

I Saloni Nautici Srl has approved and maintains its own Organization and Management Model for Crime Prevention aimed at outlining and regulating the framework of the organization and management measures adopted by the Company in order to prevent and prevent non ethical and that may involve the commission of crimes referred to in the dlgs. 231/2001 by subjects belonging to its organizational structure.

The Model adopted by I Saloni Nautici Srl pursuant to and for the effects of art. 5, 6, 7 of dlgs. 231/2001, as well as art. 30 dlgs. 81/2008, is structured on the identification of the organizational characteristics of the Company defining the general principles governing the conduct of its activities with regard to the prevention of crime, by describing the areas deemed sensitive and the related prevention protocols, in accordance with the flows identified in the context of Risk Assessment. An integral part of the Model is the Code of Ethics of I Saloni Nautici Srl, is available here.

The Model, inspired by the Fundamental Principles of Transparency, Fairness, Impartiality, Traceability and Segregation of activities, considers the training of staff and the dissemination of their Fundamental Principles to be of primary importance.

The Saloni Nautici Srl requires all those who in various ways collaborate with the Company to observe the rules of the Code of Ethics and the Fundamental Principles of the Model, as applicable to them.

I Saloni Nautici has appointed its own Supervisory Body pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, identified in Mr. Tommaso E. Romolotti.

Policy for the prevention of crime

With the approval of the Model, the Management of I Saloni Nautici Srl has determined its Policy for Crime Prevention, which is achieved through the pursuit of the following objectives:

  • Compliance with the law applicable to the Organization, through the adoption at every level of behavior in accordance with the business ethics and in any case refraining from the violation of any law of criminal importance;
  • Refusal to lend itself to illicit requests by commercial counterparties, public officials or public service agents, or in any case third parties;
  • Protection of the competences of I Saloni Nautici Srl, included the know-how and the commercial secrets, maintaining and developing them in compliance with the applicable legislation and in any case without illegally appropriating information or other intellectual and industrial property for which there is a legitimate right of third parties.
  • Proper maintenance and use of computer systems and communication networks.
    Ensure an adequate level of information and training of staff with regard to issues of business ethics and regulatory compliance of behaviors.
  • Comply with regulatory provisions in all professional, administrative and tax activities;
    Respect the principles of transparency, fairness, impartiality, traceability and segregation of activities;
  • Comply with health and safety legislation at work;
  • Comply with environmental management regulations.
  • Maintain a high and effective level of supervision by the Management and the Supervisory Body, each for its own attributions, regarding the effective compliance with the Policy for Crime Prevention.