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The Genoa Boat Show is a global beacon for one of Italy’s leading industries, an event synonymous with the excellence and prestige of the Made in Italy brand and the products showcased in its unique location. A world-class showcase that attracts a vast international audience, both in person and online, in search of the highest standards of products and services.

Exclusivity, innovation and sustainability are the values at the heart of the event, driving it forward. These values are also of fundamental importance for any dynamic, influential enterprise operating on the market that looks to the future. Associating your brand with our target consumers, industry professionals and yachting enthusiasts, represents an opportunity that is as unique as it is profitable.

The Genoa Boat Show offers numerous ad hoc solutions to increase visibility of our partners’ brands. This is achieved thanks to the event’s marketing team who provide tailored partnership formats and ideas to guarantee effective visibility and therefore a significant return on a brand’s investment.

Become a partner

Our service provides

  • Visibility for a targeted audience
  • Direct contact by actively engaging with the relevant audience
  • Experience with unique products and services within a comfortable context

Main types of partnership

In order to ensure a brand benefits from the maximum degree of visibility, the Genoa Boat Show provides strategic and functional set-up areas, tailored to the company’s brand awareness and PR needs:

Institutional Partners

Traditional set-up areas aimed at ensuring the highest degree of visibility for products and services, located in strategic points throughout the Boat Show.

Commercial Partners

Along with an effective set-up area, this partnership also includes multiple opportunities for immediate interaction with the Show’s audience, allowing a brand to present its own activities and strengths and put them straight into practice, becoming yet another quality service for visitors to enjoy at the Genoa Boat Show.

Other tailored Partnerships

Partners may interact with the public and promote their services during the Genoa Boat Show in a variety of ways, from planning ad hoc talks to organising public relations events.

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