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Vanilla Sea, an Invictus Yacht and Capoforte chartering network

26 April 2023

The Vanilla Sea Chartering Network is now a reality, allowing enthusiasts of the Invictus Yacht and Capoforte brands to discover the charter companies that have fleets of the two Italian brands at their disposal.

Those interested may use the Vanilla Sea Chartering Network website, which takes its name from one of Invictus’ identifying colours, Vanilla Sea, to explore the models available. For Capoforte these include the FX190, the SX200 and the CX280, an agile and elegant day cruiser equipped with a small cabin. For the Invictus brand, the Vanilla Sea Chartering Network offers the GT280 and the TT280.

The Vanilla Sea Chartering Network’s website allows users to filter their search by preferred geographic area or model, while also providing access to a range of services such as booking parking spaces, renting equipment, as well as measuring distances to shops and restaurants and other amenities.