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Third 2024 sale finalised for Cantiere delle Marche

1 February 2024

This 130ft one-off is the third 2024 sale for Cantiere delle Marche. The sale stems from the yard’s partnership with the team from Arcon Yachts, who helped design the Acciaio series, and who in previous years had already promoted the sale of a 123 and a 105-footer, both from the Acciaio series.

This is a 130-foot, four-deck custom design, with exterior design by Hydro Tec and interior design by Giorgio Maria Cassetta,” explained Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder and CEO of CdM. “In addition to our great satisfaction with how the sale was made possible, what makes us particularly proud is that it represents further confirmation of the fact that CdM has become a reference point for all those owners and industry professionals who are looking for a solid, reliable shipyard that can guarantee customer satisfaction.”

Measuring 39.42 metres in length with a maximum beam of 8 metres and a displacement of approximately 388 tonnes, the new 130-foot yacht has a steel hull with a forward bulb and has been developed for low fuel consumption while ensuring comfortable sailing.

The new 130-footer from Cantiere delle Marche, powered by two 533 kW Caterpillar C18s, will have a top speed of 13.5 knots and a range of over 5000 miles at 10 knots.