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There is strength in unity, and so Together We Boat! Is born.

2 February 2024

Together We Boat! is the new brand born from the alliance between Besenzoni, HP Watermakers, Mase and GenSet that was presented at Boot in Düsseldorf at this year’s edition. Together We Boat! intends to realise a close collaboration between these historic Italian nautical companies in order to offer users a wider range of products and services and, thanks to the sharing of technical, human and financial resources, to jointly organise events and shows for the sector as a whole.

Together We Boat! thanks to shared high-level consultancy and the optimisation of resources and know-how also aims to implement innovative solutions, to improve the ability to adapt quickly to market needs.

To be a part of such an alliance is an ideal opportunity for us to grow and compare notes directly with other like-minded companies,” stated Giorgio Besenzoni, CEO of Besenzoni. “Finding useful and beneficial solutions for the end customer obviously remains at the heart of our company’s commitments, along with the desire to implement innovative ideas and create a positive impact for the market.”

By moving forward together on so many fronts with our common sales and service force, we are able to offer all yards in Europe and around the world a tailored package with all our products, quickly and competitively,” commented Gianni Zucco, co-founder of HP Watermakers.

The driving force pushing the Together We Boat initiative forward,” explained Luigi Foresti, president of Mase Generators and GenSet, “is to pool our experience and managerial and product expertise in order to maximise the market share of our brands, through the commercial and technical management of the most discerning clients.”