The recyclable sportsboat Ecoracer by Northern Light Composites has been

13 October 2021

Presented to the world during its world premiere at the 61st Genoa International Boat Show, where it won the Design Innovation Award as the most innovative sailboat under 10 metres, the Ecoracer, a recyclable sportsboat designed by Matteo Polli and built by the start-up Northern Light Composites was launched from Marina Hannibal in Monfalcone.

Measuring 7.69 metres in length, the Ecoracer is built using Northern Light Composites’ own rComposite technology derived from thermoplastics, linen fibres for the hull and deck and a recyclable Atlas by NMG Europe core. Beyond the hull, even the aluminium mast and boom were designed under the banner of sustainability.

The sails were designed by OneSails in Bussolengo (Verona) and were created using 4T FORTE OneSails technology which makes use of a particular ultra-resistant polyethylene (tested by Pip Haire’s IMOCA during the latest edition of the solo regatta around the world, the Vendée Globe) and allows 100% of the sails to be recycled. The Ecoracer’s sustainability does not end there. The motor is and electric Mitek outboard while a Fly Solar Tech solar panel fuels the bilge pumps.

The rComposite technology designed by Northern Light Composites with which the Ecoracer was built allows for roughly 90% of a boat to be recycled, in view of a future where owner’s will be able to take their boat to a shipyard to manage the final stages of its life cycle and stimulate a new circular economy across the sector thanks to the composite’s reusability.