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The first autonomous ship is on its way with Furuno

13 April 2023

Furuno’s research is continuing forward towards the creation of the first fully autonomous ship. Following ENVISION, the augmented reality assisted navigation system, the HermAce remote monitoring service and the prototype of a touchscreen planning station, Furuno has developed further products.

One of these is the 3D Bird View System, which uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology to display the information needed for safe navigation by supporting the crew’s spatial vision (third-person view).

Another system is the Berthing Aid System, which simplifies and improves the safety of mooring manoeuvres by using sensors that measure the distance between the docking area and the vessel. While the Action Planning Unit uses data from numerous sensors to detect objects around the vessel, notice possible risk situations and identify the best course to avoid collisions.

Finally, the Risk Visualizer technology, thanks to an advanced algorithm based on real traffic data in extremely busy waters such as port entrances and exits, significantly reduces the risk of collision by alerting the user to areas of potential impact with coloured indicators.