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Quick presents its new Intercepta stabilisers at Boot

23 January 2024

Quick, a leading international manufacturer of marine equipment, is presenting the new Intercepta range from MC2, the brand dedicated to stabilisating wears, at Boot in Düsseldorf. The Intercepta range is part of Quick’s Seacentric System, and the Intercepta X-Series offers models for yachts from 50′ to 130′ with the possibility to customise the product according to the client’s requirements.

The X-Series, consisting of four models, the X50, X65, X80 and X100, joins the IN-Series, designed for yachts from 20′ to 130′, enriching the MC2 range together with Viator fins and Quick Gyro stabilisation units.

The X-Series,” explained Lorenzo Mongiardo, Quick Group’s R&D manager, “offers highly customised solutions to shipyards in order to achieve a more advanced and efficient system, while plug-and-play compatibility with Seacentric and Xenta system components and architecture ensures efficient and immediately available control.”

All elements of the Seacentric System are available and high-performing in stand-alone mode, but once integrated, through proprietary software based on active algorithms that coordinate the response of each system, they offer a highly advanced and integrated solution with an interactive 360-degree approach that goes far beyond conventional roll stabilisation.