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Persico Marine and Zagato join forces to create the PZ100.2

6 December 2022

Resulting from the partnership between Persico Marine and Zagato is the new PZ100.2, a motorboat with electric jet propulsion deriving from the DeepSpeed engine made by Italian start-up Sealence.

This boat picks up on the tradition of the motor RIBs of the early 20th century,” explained Marcello Persico, CEO of Persico Marine. Andrea Zagato, CEO of Zagato, also emphasised how: “At the heart of this project is the shared commitment to create a boat that is a collector’s item. Thanks to the implementation of the most innovative technologies, the design will be at the forefront of sustainability and will leave its mark, just like car models inspired by today’s most important core values, destined for a specific clientele, something that forces us to strive for and offer nothing but excellence and innovation in every aspect“.

The PZ100.2, which in terms of design was developed in collaboration with Lucio Micheletti of Micheletti + Partners, is 7.90 metres long with a beam of 2.45 metres and will be built in Nembro, Bergamo, in the Persico Marine headquarters, using carbon fibre. The weight, complete with a lithium battery pack, will be just 2500 kg,

Sealence’s DeepSpeed motorisation will allow the vessel to reach a top speed of 42-43 knots with a range of around 50 miles at 26 knots. The PZ100.2 project envisages the construction of just nine units with the first one to be unveiled at the end of 2023.