Genoa Boat Show

New designs at the 62nd Genoa International- Boat Show Know IT introduces the Peplink systems to always stay connected

26 August 2022

Strong, high-performance and affordable connectivity. This is what the Peplink systems, presented by Know IT at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show, ensure. Know IT, based in Milan, is a System Integrator supported by local and international partners who for over 20 years has been offering customised solutions across the fields of networking and ICT.

Peplink provides routers that can be installed on board boats, yachts or ships: 4G and 5G cellular routers equipped with external antennas to improve LTE / Wi-Fi signal reception, switches for managing the entire network and access points for widespread Wi-Fi distribution.

In port, the Peplink router connects to the dockside Wi-Fi service; while, at sea, once the unit starts to go out of Wi-Fi range, it automatically switches to 4G or 5G cellular connectivity and connects to VSAT in the open sea.

Among its innovations are the MAX BR2 Pro 5G Cellular router with two integrated 5G modems with the possibility of inserting up to 4 SIMs and the MAX HD1 Dome Pro and the IP67 cellular router with integrated antennas and Wi-Fi 6.