Genoa Boat Show

From Saim Marine the efficiency champion: the Dynamica MINI 150V

1 August 2022

Saim Marine distributor of Dynamica and its generators has announced that the Dynamica MINI 150V 15 kW, a new model from the range of variable speed generators, which uses an inverter as the last stage to produce the output current, will be presented at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show.

The new Dynamica MINI 150 V, equipped with Kubota 3-cylinder variable speed diesel engines at 2100/3150 rpm, is the largest in the V range which includes the smaller MINI 60 V, MINI 90 V, MINI 100 V and MINI 120 V.

The Dynamica MINI 150V is equipped with an extremely compact permanent magnet alternator (PMG) and the final stage inverter allows parallel connections with other Dynamica generators and use with hybrid / electric propulsion systems.

Among the other peculiarities of the Dynamica MINI150V, is the electronic control panel for monitoring parameters and the soundproofing which makes it among the quietest on the market with emissions of 56 dB (A) at 7 meters.