Foresti & Suardi, coming out of a year, 2019, in which it achieved the certificate “100% Made in Italy”, issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers, will kick off 2020 at Boot Düsseldorf with its collection entitled Nautica, which, alongside other collection such as Starlight, Inoxline, Aluminiumline, Watertech and Custom, makes up the company’s catalogue.

Founded in 1961 in Predore, on Lake Iseo, and based since 2018 at their new location in Adro, only a few kilometres outside Brescia, right in the heart of the renowned Franciacorta region, Foresti & Suardi combines knowledge and experience in foundry work with attention to detail and refined lines, often referring back to tradition in a more contemporary interpretation.

And the range of accessories that make up the Nautica collection, including its vanishing bow chocks, its hatch locks, retractable coat hangers, switches and door knobs, that come to a staggering 104 items, just goes to show how what Foresti & Suardi has to offer is capable of satisfying all needs when it comes to decking out your vessel.