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Cantiere Mimì joins Boot with Watersport Paradise

13 January 2023

The Libeccio 6.5, the Libeccio 7.5 and the Libeccio 8.5 Walkaround. These are the three models from the Libeccio range which Cantiere Mimì is exhibiting at Boot in Düsseldorf in partnership with Dutch Watersport Paradise, a key reference point for Northern European yachting.

We have decided to invest heavily in the Italian shipyard,” explained Niko Kolvenbach, owner of Watersport Paradise. “In recent years, owners in Northern Europe have shown a great deal of interest in the possibilities offered by these traditionally designed, high-performance gozzo boats.”

The three models presented by Cantiere Mimì at the Boot are the classic Libeccio 6.5, the Libeccio 7.5, with a central aft console and large cockpit, and the more recent Libeccio 8.5 Walkaround, inspired by the Sorrento tradition of the 1960s, and will soon be joined by other Libeccio models making up the yard’s line-up for Northern European enthusiasts.

At the moment we have focused primarily on smaller models, however we will soon also be distributing Libeccios measuring over 9 metres long,” anticipated Kolvenbach.