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63rd Genoa International Boat Show News – From Naval Motor Botti comes a new hybrid propulsion system

15 September 2023

Naval Motor Botti, FTP Industrial’s official distributor, will be joining the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show with a new modular, scalable and compact hybrid marine propulsion system from FPT Industrial, the result of its collaboration with Vulkan Hybrid Architect, a leading brand in the design, production and commissioning of complex systems capable of developing tailor-made solutions for shipyards and boat owners.

FTP Industrial’s new system is a parallel hybrid system that combines maximum performance and compactness and is adaptable to specific applications. The result is a promising solution for both commercial and yachting units, as it can provide maximum performance together with high levels of flexibility and efficiency to optimise engine operation while reducing emissions.

The FTP Industrial system’s marine hybrid propulsion solution stands out for its compactness, modularity and flexibility, having been designed in a range of different solutions resulting from the combination of FPT Industrial diesel engines from 125 kW to 735 kW with electric motors and battery packs of a size suitable for both commercial and leisure applications. Finally, the model also stands out for its robustness and reliability as the housing system guarantees long-lasting and stable performance over time.