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63rd Genoa International Boat Show News – Electric propellers for small boats by QS Seamaster

31 August 2023

Designed for boats from 5 to 8 metres in length, the QS 30-110 thruster is what QS Seamaster will be bringing to the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show for the first time. The QS 30-110 model from QS Seamaster is part of a complete line of manoeuvring propellers to meet the needs of all types of boats.

The range of QS Seamaster DC electric propellers includes numerous models up to the largest QS 300-300. The QS 30-110 single propeller has a thrust of 30 kg, the internal tunnel diameter is 110 mm and the power is 1.3 kW. It works with 12 V voltage.

All models in the QS Seamaster range, entirely made in Italy, are built with high-strength components and the range includes the following types: electric DC, three-phase AC, brushless DC-AC, hydraulic, tunnel-mounted or retractable, ON/OFF and proportional.

In addition, the QS Seamaster thruster range is equipped with a microprocessor control system that intervenes in the event of motor overheating, without abruptly stopping the thruster, to ensure that it can still be used.