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63rd Genoa International Boat Show News – Achieve spotless steel with the G&G Rigging Rigg Cleaner Pro

12 September 2023

For the maintenance of all stainless steel on board, G&G Rigging, a leading company in the field of rigging and deck equipment, will be joining the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show presenting the Rig Cleaner Pro, an effective and easy-to-apply product.

The Rig Cleaner Pro package in fact contains two products in the practical format of 100 wipes per product. The Deoxidising Product, an advanced solution that acts in a lightning-fast manner, completely removes surface oxidation from stainless steel and in just 2 minutes restores it to its original lustre by promoting the formation of a protective film.

The second product in the Rig Cleaner Pro package, the Neutralising Product, interrupts the chemical reaction triggered by the deoxidiser, stabilising the steel and prolonging its life. The Rig Cleaner Pro is, at sea and on land, the ultimate solution for preserving and restoring the lustre and strength of stainless steel.