Genoa Boat Show

 A new line of mooring shock absorbers from Sidermarine

1 August 2022

The two new lines of mooring shock absorbers developed by Sidermarine, a company specialised in mooring shock absorbers, swivel joints for anchors and nautical accessories, are called MPP and Ibrida MK.

In particular, the new MK Hybrid series is the result of a development process built on the previous MK ranges for Mega Yachts and Pontile which have been met with considerable success. Research has led to a new series suitable for smaller ranges of boats, while still guaranteeing the same quality as the previous series.

Modular damping capacity, a unique silence, a fundamental aspect for a mooring shock absorber, and easy maintenance that can be carried out by any boating enthusiast are the main features of the new Sidermarine lines.