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63rd Genoa International Boat Show News – From Battagli comes the Pop Fender, a fender revolution

28 agosto 2023

Telescopic, modular, washable, and eco-friendly. This is the new Pop Fender, which Battagli Alessandro, the historic ship chandler from La Spezia, will be bringing to the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show for the first time. Made of recyclable plastic, the Pop Fender does not need to be inflated like traditional fenders.

Consisting in fact of 5 sections of cones that slide into one another, with a ring at each end to secure the line to the boat, the Pop Fender has a diameter of 16.5 cm, is 62 cm high, but when “closed” is only 25 cm high and can therefore be easily stored or transported by car.

The Pop Fender, is available in all white or all black or with black and white elements. In addition to being recyclable, the Pop Fender leaves no marks when it is under pressure and rubs against the hull, thanks to the material with which it is made.