Glacier Yachts is a family-owned company that dates back to 2001. Over the past 19 years it has grown into a modern and innovative enterprise, which employs more than 85 skilled workers and engineers, and specializing in design and manufacturing of premium class aluminium motor yachts and high-speed crafts up to 24 meter in length. Our latest models Glacier 48 Cabin & Glacier 48 Open - a premium class motor yachts manufactured by us. Our in-house capabilities include full range engineering and manufacturing services. That includes design, naval architecture, marine engineering, CNC machinery, high quality assembly and welding capacities. We follow the very best standards demanded in the modern motor yachting sector of marine industry and ensure the highest product quality.
La sede e i contatti

Kruzes street 3a
LV-1046 RIGA

Imbarcazioni Cabinate a Motore
E701 Glacier 48 ormeggi - (lft da 12,00 a mt 14,99)