Genoa Boat Show

Wrap paves the way to a universe of boat-wrapping

1 August 2022

The techniques and many possibilities of boat-wrapping. Visitors at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show will be able to discover this first-hand thanks to Wrap, a company with offices in Milan, Genoa, Chiavari and in the Marina di Lavagna, which, alongside the Boat-Wrapping Division, will allow them to get a feel of the materials that make up this fast and high-performing process that protects boats from atmospheric elements and opens the doors to a new kind of visual impact.

There are more than a thousand colours available, even with custom-made graphics, which allow you to customise and at the same time protect the topsides, the deck, the cockpit, the dashboards and the masts. The films made from designed high-quality material also allow you to transform interiors with wood, marble, stone and fabric effects.

There are also other fields of use for these special wrapping films such as insulation, protection from UV rays and improving the privacy of windows and portholes. Finally, Wrap, which has over 300 boats handled under its belt, has founded its own Style Office available to satisfy even the most demanding owner.