UCINA works to encourage the boating sector, promote marine culture and the development of Italian excellences exported all over the world, with a production chain made up of businesses that are able to innovate, understand and respond to a changing market.

UCINA has its headquarters in Genoa and Rome and is a member of Confindustria, representing the marine industry companies.

To help promote boating and the “Made in Italy” offer, UCINA also participates in Federazione del Mare (the Sea Federation), Federturismo, Comitato Fiere Industria  (the Industrial Trade Fair Committee), Fondazione Edison, Fondazione Symbola, and the Fondazione Sviluppo Sostenibile, with which it shares its values and actions.

It works at a corporate level debating with the political, social and governmental powers. At an international level UCINA participates with its own representatives in the ICOMIA and EBI (European Boating Industry) federations to promote the global and European nautical industry.

Through its Research Department, UCINA collects, processes and distributes data on trends in the industrial sector and nautical tourism, in relation to both domestic and international markets, which Italian production successfully targets. It also promotes the economic and technical development of the sector through the elaboration of research, publications and the coordination of studies, debates and conferences.

UCINA organises events to promote the local nautical industry: the International Boat Show in Genoa, the Navigar m’è dolce campaign, and the Satec Convention, complete a full program of multi-location conferences regarding major industry issues.

To its members in the different sectors of production, trade and services, UCINA offers assistance, protection, information and representation, and provides both technical and regulatory associative consultations.

As part of its own training activities, UCINA offers refresher courses to the industry and professional qualifications for young people who choose sailing.

UCINA is also a source of constantly updated information for the world of boating via its website www.ucina.net.