Two new models from BWA for the Genoa International Boat Show

24 August 2018

It will be a Genoa Boat Show first for the 26’ GTO and the 28’ GTO, two new models from BWA’s Sport line.

Founded by Walter Breventani in the 50s and inspired by Italian taste and authenticity, the company developed the two new inflatable boats with the aim of combining maximum comfort (both designs offer large adaptable sunbathing areas) with low-consuming high-level performances.
Among the key characteristics of the new BWA Sport 26’ GTO and BWA Sport 28’ GTO is the comfortable and safe seating area equipped with shoulder rests and safety rail, placed in front of the bridge house which, thanks to its size, allows room for a WC to be installed inside, accessible from the bow.
The BWA Sport 26’ GTO, 8.15-metres long, can run on up to 300 Hp, while the BWA Sport 28’ GTO, 9-metres long, can be motorised with two motors at 200 Hp each.