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Tuccoli Marine keeps its promise with new 250

23 September 2023

“We announced it last year, here at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show, and this year we can say we have kept our promise,” this is how Paolo Sanguettola, Tuccoli Marine’s Sole Director, presented the 250 Cala Rossa, the new product which the Tuscan shipyard from Collesalvetti brought to the Boat Show’s new dock behind the Jean Nouvel pavilion. One of the new designs at this edition of the Genoa Boat Show, which inaugurates the new water channels of the Waterfront di Levante project. 2023 is an important year for Tuccoli Marine, which has redefined its corporate structure. “The new organisation is divided into four sectors,” explains Sanguetttole, “Fishing, with boats designed for fishing enthusiasts, Cruising with boats for yachtsmen who love cruises, and Custom with boats tailored to meet customer needs. Added to this is the Custom with boats tailored to the specific needs of the individual client. Added to this is the Professional line with boats designed and built expressly for those who work at sea, such as professional pilots, moorers, and dock workers, and stemming from a collaboration with the Livorno Port Pilot Corps. A promise made is a promise kept. “In Genoa we will bring the design of the new T295, a boat rich in technical content and designed by Alessandro Vismara. We will bring it here at the 2024 Genoa International Boat Show. It’s a promise!”.