The Piazza del Vento

The “Piazza del Vento” project was born in 2017 from an inspiration of Renzo Piano as a way to contribute to the International Boat Show and the city of Genoa. The project is the brainchild of OBR, the Studio of architects Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi.

The Piazza del Vento was opened on Thursday 21st September 2017 during the inauguration of the 57th International Boat Show and it’s a multi-sensory installation that allows the Genoa Boat Show audience and the inhabitants of the city to interact with the environmental and energy phenomena of the sea (the sun and the wind). OBR has designed a “field” of 57 trees in red maple and white steel 12 meters high on which triangular flakes in Dacron are inferred. On the top of the trees windex (wind vane) were installed, sewn with colored “flame” spinnaker fabrics that show the wind’s direction and intensity. Complete the installation the sound field “Melodie Mediterranee” fruit of the collaboration between the musician Roberto Pugliese, Margherita del Grosso and Matteo Orlandi: a system of brass pipes of different lengths arranged with a precise spatial pattern between the trees returns the sonority of the “mare nostrum” according to a Mediterranean musical scale “played” by the wind. The installation also sees the involvement of the poet and street artist Ivan Tresoldi who, with his group Artkademy, has realized the anamorphosis: “Who throws seeds tothe wind will make flourish the sky”.

Strongly desired by UCINA Confindustria Nautica, the project represents the bond of the Genoa Boat Show to the city: “a collective installation created for a temporary event that becomes a permanent public work, in which to celebrate the rite of urbanity on the sea, enshrining in this the indissoluble link between the Boat Show and the city of Genoa “, explained Paolo Brescia.

With the 58th edition of the fair, the Piazza del Vento has become a city square, lived by everyone, by visitors to the Boat Show during the event, but also by the citizens of Genoa throughout the year. With this aim the architects of OBR have revisited the project integrating it with new swings to be used in pairs under the shade of the sails and numerous deckchairs with sea view: a super-public space, or better still super-urban, a new polarity of the city at the entrance of the Port, a new prominence of the city on the sea, an outpost from which to unveil the beauty of Genoa from the dual point of view: towards the sea, but also towards the city.

This contribution is also the “moral commitment” to contribute to the revival of Genoa, reinforcing the sense of community that the 58th Boat Show wanted to achieve, once again establishing its link with Genoa. Because the design of Genoa is starting from the sea.

Special thanks go to all the companies who truly supported the project: Capoferri SpA, Harken, Gottifredi Maffioli, OBR, Studio Borlenghi, North Sails, Mure a Dritta, OneSails, Quantum Italy, Boris Production, Aster and Spim.

Those who have contributed to the realization of “Piazza del Vento”