11 September 2017

“La Piazza del Vento” The Square of the Wind

The public art and landscape design project “La Piazza del Vento” stems from Architect Renzo Piano’s vision – a gift to the Genova International Boat Show – and was brought to life by Architects Paolo Brescia, Tommaso Principi and by OBR Studio to mark the 57° edition of the Salone Nautico di Genova (21-26 September 2017). The italian maritime industry association UCINA Confindustria Nautica and the local public authorities have been strong supporters of the multisensory installation, a gift and legacy from the International Boat Show to the Ligurian city.

In Architect Paolo Brescia’s words, “this is an installation created for a temporary event that becomes a permanent legacy; a venue where one can rediscover the pleasure of meeting by the sea in a public ritual whilst celebrating the inextricable link existing between the Boat Show and Genoa.” The Piazza del Vento will enable visitors and citizens alike to interact with the natural phenomena and energy of the sea, the sun, the wind and the waves. OBR Studio has envisioned an area with 57 masts made of red maple and white steel reaching 12 meters in height and donated by the company Capoferri. The masts are linked to each another with textile stays on which triangular jibs in Dacron are hoisted and a Windex sewn with colorful spinnaker material in the shape of flames will be installed at the top of each mast, indicating the direction and intensity of the wind. To make the Piazza del Vento even more interactive, Architects Brescia and Principi have envisaged a number of swings installed among the masts, dynamic and moving seats to be used in pairs in the shadow of the sails and overlooking the sea.


Genova, 7 September 2017


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