Tempest 1000 Open, Capelli’s 10-meters

20 August 2018

10 metres long and the capacity to carry 22 people.

This is a brief numerical glimpse of the new Tempest 1000 Open which Cantieri Capelli will be showcasing at the Genoa International Boat Show this September. An evolution of the long-time catalogue model for the Spinadesco-based shipyard (Cremona), the Tempest 1000 Open is the pinnacle of volume distribution and seating ergonomics.
Some of the key elements of this design are the large integrated platform with two steel handles on its sides, allowing access to the stern areas, and the cockpit with a C-shaped sofa and central table. The wheelhouse offers two separate seats with the possibility to stand up, thanks to the tilting seating, while the cabin offers even more space with a 1.90-meter bed and, at the entrance, room for a marine WC.

The new Tempest 1000 Open can be motorised with two 300 Hp motors.