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Sanlorenzo’s Fuel Cell system certified by Lloyd’s Register

6 October 2023

Sanlorenzo takes on a leading role in the research for solutions aimed at reducing carbon emissions, with Lloyd’s Register certifying Sanlorenzo’s Fuel Cell system and Type C containment tank designed by the shipyard alongside with Siemens Energy.

Sanlorenzo,” commented Massimo Perotti, Executive Chairman and CEO of Sanlorenzo, “is a pioneer, paving the way towards carbon neutrality in the world of yachting: thanks to the relentless work of our Research and Development department, we continue to take revolutionary steps in the introduction of technological systems aimed at reducing the environmental impact of yachts. We are proud to receive this endorsement from Lloyd’s Register as we work together to pioneer decarbonisation pathways for the yachting industry.”

Lloyd’s Register, as stated by Paolo Izzo, LR’s Sales & Marketing Manager for Italy, Monaco and Malta, supported Sanlorenzo’s project while the prestigious certification awarded to the shipyard demonstrates the compliance of the Methanol Fuel Cell system with internationally-recognised environmental standards, consolidating its credibility on the market.

The system developed by Sanlorenzo, a first for the market, will be available on the new 50Steel line, a superyacht the first unit of which will be delivered in the summer of 2024. The Fuel Cell methanol system will enable the vessel to generate electricity for on-board hotellerie services, with engines and generators switched off, significantly extending the time spent at anchor and manoeuvring without consuming diesel fuel.