Sanlorenzo, two new entries for the 58th Genoa Boat Show

20 August 2018

Numerous and state-of-the-art, Sanlorenzo is expected to showcase their own impressive fleet at the 58th International Boat Show, beginning on 20th September and ending on 25th. Particularly worthy of note at this year’s Genoa-based Boat Show, along with the SL78, SL86, SL118, SD112, SD126 and SX88, Sanlorenzo will be displaying their latest designs: the SL102 and the SX76.
The SL102, thanks to an innovative design which places a main side deck only on the yacht’s starboard side, a new approach which gives the interior spaces an extra 10 square metres of room for further development, is a revolutionary step forward, worthy of being quoted as the “world’s first asymmetric motor yacht”.

The new SX76, on the other hand, is an impressive combination of the traditional flying bridge motor yacht and the very fashionable and sought-after explorer design, remaining, however, faithful to the SX line’s family feeling while also maintaining the stylistic tones of her “older brother”, the SX88.