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Sanlorenzo to take part in the 2024 Palma International Boat Show

7 May 2024

The Sanlorenzo SP110 and the Sanlorenzo SD96 and, for the Bluegame brand, the BG54 and the BGX63. These are the models with which Sanlorenzo, the Group led by Massimo Perotti, former president of the Italian Marine Industry Association Confindustria Nautica, will be at the Palma International Boat Show, scheduled to kick off on Thursday 25th April in Palma de Mallorca for its 40th edition.

The Sanlorenzo SP110, the first yacht in the SP РSmart Performance range, is the new open coupé with which the yard takes its first step into the world of sports yachts. The model is equipped with three engines that allow for greater flexibility, reduced consumption and a range that varies depending on the desired speed. In addition to its engine setup, the Sanlorenzo SP110 is also equipped with a series of 6 kW solar panels flanked by a pack of lithium batteries that allow the unit to power onboard services without the use of generators.

The Sanlorenzo SD96, on the other hand, is part of the SD line of semi-displacement yachts, a range of models that stands out for its exceptional autonomy, inspired by the same lines that defined ocean liners in the 1930s, bringing into the modern day that unmistakable concept of elegance. The Sanlorenzo SD96 offer a great deal more space and opportunities than those found on yachts of the same dimensions, and of a different kind, relying primarily on the dual concept of flexibility and modularity, which both dictate the rhythm of the interior spaces.

Among the latest models conceived by Bluegame, the Sanlorenzo brand will also be providing its BGH-HSV, a tender powered by a hydrogen-powered zero-emissions engine, to the US team American Magic and the French team Orient Express, two of the six teams in the running for the 37th America’s Cup scheduled to be held in Barcelona in August. Also on display will be the BG54, which in just 54 feet offers a unique combination of spacious and functional spaces, and the BGX63, a crossover designed to offer maximum comfort and privacy to guests thanks to cutting-edge engineering solutions.