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Sanlorenzo launches the revolutionary 50Steel

28 May 2024

Sanlorenzo has just launched the world’s first yacht featuring a green methanol fuel cell system. The brand-new Sanlorenzo 50Steel touched water on 18th May during the Sanlorenzo event dedicated to the company’s yacht owners, Élite Days 2024. The Sanlorenzo 50Steel will be delivered in July and, thanks to the Reformer Fuel Cell green methanol system, will be able to power onboard systems and facilities with zero emissions

With this launch of the 50Steel, Sanlorenzo celebrates a defining milestone of its history, one inspired by cutting-edge innovation and real sustainability,” commented Massimo Perotti, President and CEO of the Sanlorenzo Group and former president of the Italian Marine Industry Association Confindustria Nautica. “This new range of superyachts embodies the pioneering spirit and passion for tackling challenges that have always guided this company when it comes to designing and building our fleet. I believe that what sets us apart is our ability to drive innovation throughout the industry, embracing the most avantgarde solutions not only in the design phase, which strives always to be elegant and comfortable, but also in the fields of technological advancement and sustainable solutions, all channelled into achieving the ambitious reduction targets for our environmental footprint we have set ourselves.”

Alongside the Reformer Fuel Cell system developed by Sanlorenzo in collaboration with Siemens Energy, which transforms green methanol into hydrogen (which is not stored on board) and then into electricity to power the onboard equipment, the Sanlorenzo 50Steel also inaugurates the HER (Hidden Engine Room) system, a technology that has made it possible to recover space and increase habitability.

The Sanlorenzo 50Steel bears the signature of the Zuccon International Project studio and is spread across five decks. Thanks to the HER system, the second lower deck has the engine room concentrated into a single level and a new technical area. This solution made it possible to create the Ocean Lounge on the upper lower deck, connected to the beach club with a swimming pool and a gym and spa area.

The interiors of the Sanlorenzo 50Steel are designed by Piero Lissoni who has created spaces permeated by a sophisticated style conferred by elements such as coffered ceilings and dark wood walls. In addition to a series of large saloons and spaces in direct contact with the sea, the interior layout includes a master suite and four guest cabins.

The Sanlorenzo 50Steel is powered by two 1066 kW MAN engines, which allow for a top speed of 16 knots, a cruising speed of 11 to 12.5 knots and a range at 11 knots of 5500 miles.