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Presenting the Invictus Yacht Summer Collection

13 June 2024

Invictus Yacht presents the Invictus Yacht Summer Collection, an exclusive line of accessories for owners who wish to always carry the essence of their yacht with them during their everyday life.

Telling a story, creating products that reflect the mood and elegance of Invictus yachts“. This is the philosophy behind the Invictus Yacht Summer Collection which, as Christian Grande pointed out, “allows owners to express their connection with the sea and the Invictus brand at all times, and with refined taste“.

Among the products intended for use on board are leatherette-covered fenders that recall the handcrafted quality of Invictus Yachts’ cushions, furnishing accessories such as bedspreads, but also a custom electric surfboard or skateboard, electrically powered, made of carbon fibre and teak, water-resistant and with a regenerative braking system.

Alongside the above, the Invictus Yacht Summer Collection also features a range of accessories for everyday life, such as passport holders, key fobs, beauty cases, backpacks and laptop cases, all true ambassadors of the Invictus brand.