Optimist reaches new lengths with OPro

20 August 2018

Conceived in 1947 by the American designer Clark Mills, the Optimist, a boat on which entire generations of champions learned to sail, is about to take on a new life.
At the heart of the innovative transformation is a broader range of use thanks to her length being extended from 2.3 metres to 2.74, due to the addition of a 45cm bow. This is what New Zealand designer Matthew Mason had in mind when setting out to revolutionise the classic boat.
The new Optimist, OPro, is easy to put together: the new light, watertight, fibreglass bow is attached and held in place by several screws, making it possible to equip the OPro with a new mast and upgraded sail, now 1.2 square metres larger than the “traditional” sail, while also allowing for double-handed sailing and heavier sailors.