Genoa Boat Show

Velettrica showcases its Sail-pod at METS

13 November 2023

Veletrica, a start-up created in 2021 by Roberto Baffigo, will be showcasing at METS its Sail-pod, an innovative high-efficiency electric propulsion system that transforms the sailing boat into a vehicle that produces energy as it sails, thus recharging onboard batteries and powering on-board systems without the use of fossil fuels.

TheSail-pod 25 kW is suitable for all sailing boats between 40 and 60 feet, is quick to install, and the only space it takes up on board is that of the batteries.

The Sail-pod 25 kW is based on a multifunctional propeller that while the boat is sailing, without producing any noise, vibration or emissions, can charge the on-board batteries as well as be used for auxiliary propulsion.

All Sail-pod components are designed and manufactured for maximum efficiency and durability. The propeller blades built by Avio Spa and the fin are made of pre-preg carbon and the gears for opening and adjusting the propeller are made of Inconel. The entire system boasts the lightest weight in its category at only 110 kg.