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The Effebi 44M CPV confirms the importance of the partnership with Studio Arnaboldi

18 May 2023

The latest model from Studio Arnaboldi, based in Viareggio and owned by engineer Marco Arnaboldi, confirms the validity of its design solutions with the Effebi 44M CPV (Coastal Patrol Vessel), which the Studio designed and contributed to building for the Effebi Spa shipyard in Viareggio, a shipyard founded in 1983 by the Balducci family.

The Effebi 44M is the outcome of a call for tenders by the Italian Guardia di Finanza, with the consultancy of the Italian Navy, for a fast patrol vessel that had to meet a series of complex requirements,” stated Marco Arnaboldi .

The patrol vessel, continued Arnaboldi, “needed to be fast for transit pursuits, maritime surveillance, Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) development, combating illegal immigration and illegal trafficking by sea under national control and framed in multinational devices under the control of the Frontex Agency, but also efficient at low speed for routine patrols, comfortable, as it needed to accommodate a crew of 23 people for several days, and finally efficient in its fuel consumption in order to ensure a significant range of autonomy“.

Constructed in advanced composite materials, mainly carbon, which ensures a reduction in weight of around 40% compared to more traditional constructions, the Effebi 44M CPV is 44 metres long overall, 38.52 m at waterline, for a maximum beam of 8.60 metres and a full load displacement of only 202 tonnes.

The Effebi 44M CPV is powered by four 2600 hp MTUs coupled with hydrojets. Top speed is 45 knots and range is 700 miles.