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Seakeeper chooses Indemar for Italy

11 March 2024

Seakeeper, providing the first and only patented fully automatic dynamic stabilisation system, has chosen Indemar as distributor of its Seakeeper Ride on the Italian market, cancel out to eliminate up to 70% of the boat’s pitch, roll and yaw when sailing.

The Seakeeper Ride, thanks to its software and sensors, registers 1,000 different parameters and the rotating actuators on the transom are able to counteract wave motion with 100 adjustments per second.

In addition, the Seakeeker Ride prevents heeling due to shifting weights on board, aligns the boat to the optimum forward angle and adjusts the heeling angle when turning.

The Seakeeker Ride is available in three models: for boats up to 25 feet (7.62 m), for boats from 27 to 30 feet (8.22 – 9.14 m) and from 31 to 35 feet (9.44 – 10.66 m). The Seakeeker Ride can also be operated from a dedicated control panel as an optional feature.