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Sanlorenzo presents La La Land – the first 44X-SPACE

8 January 2024

Sanlorenzo presents the new 44X-SPACE line and does so with La La Land, a 44.30-metre superyacht that bears the signature of Studio Zuccon International Project for the exterior design and Piero Lissoni for the interior design. The 44X-SPACE is a new line that takes on the heritage of the Explorer and combines it with the gentleness of the Steel line.

With the 44X-SPACE,” explained Piero Lissoni, Art Director at Sanlorenzo, “we forced our hand making this a boat almost completely made of glass: there are large windows, big windows and some of the cabins no longer even have portholes but glass walls. The interior has forced the exterior and the exterior has been so elastic and so well designed that the interior fits in an entirely natural way. I believe that this is the most innovative language I have seen to date on a superyacht making it possible to create a boat that is compact but with extraordinary proportions and quality.”

La La Land is spread over six decks and dedicates the entire upper deck to the owner with an aft terrace, an interior living area that connects with the outside thanks to large windows. An element that is also found in the owner’s cabin.

Among the other stand-out features of the 44X-SPACE line is the relocation of the wheelhouse and the captain’s private spaces to the bridge deck. On the lower deck there are four double cabins, two of which are VIP.