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Riviera Genova launches the ‘slim’ compass

28 March 2023

Riviera Genova Srl, a leading company in the design and manufacturing of compasses and nautical equipment since 1976, has launched a new line of ‘slim’ compasses.

The “slim” line of compasses was created with the aim of creating a compass that could also be positioned in today’s planks, often “congested” with electronic instruments, monitors and indicators of all kinds.

And to facilitate their positioning, the Riviera Genova compasses in the ‘slim’ line all present miniature dimensions. In particular, the Zenith slim compass has a total diameter of 12 cm and the rose reading diameter is 8 cm, while the compasses in the Artica slim line measure 11 cm and 7 cm respectively.

The Zenith slim and Artica slim lines are made up of 4 models each with different colours; flush-mounting is suitable for installation on sail or motor boats between 6 and 11 metres.