Genoa Boat Show

Riviera Genova at METS with the “upside-down” Astra 4′ compass

10 November 2023

In the wake of the success of its presentation at the 60th Genoa International Boat Show and in order to meet the demands of shipyards, Riviera Genova, a leading company in the design and construction of compasses since 1976, will be presenting at METS the new model of the “upside-down” Astra compass: the Astra 4′.

The Astra 4′ compass was developed to take advantage of unused areas near the control stations, in this case, the ceiling above the bridge, which is now increasingly congested with monitors, various gauges and electronic instruments of all kinds.

The Astra 4′ compass is equipped with a double rose axis that facilitates reading stability, while the internal mechanism is based on a double gimbal system that neutralises the roll and pitch movements of the hull so that they do not impede the correct functioning of the compass.

Built in polycarbonate for the transparent cap subjected to an anti-UV treatment and in ABS, Riviera Genova’s Astra 4′ compass is, due to its characteristics, a unique magnetic compass and its design is covered by an international patent.