Genoa Boat Show

Riva takes centre stage at the Vintage Boat Show

21 November 2023

Four Rivas that made nautical history were the stars of the show at the Vintage Boat Show, the exhibition dedicated to vintage boats that took place during the thirteenth edition of Milano AutoClassica.

In the Riva Classiche stand, the Service created by Carlo Riva in 1957 for the restoration and maintenance of Riva mahogany and fibreglass boats, where the Riva Lounge with the Riva Boutique was also set up, visitors could admire the Aquarama #2, second unit produced of the famous Riva runabout and the Aquarama II^ Serie #282.

The other two “stars” were the Aquarama Special #747 and the extraordinary Riva Ferrari 32′, fruit of the collaboration between the Riva Shipyard and Ferrari’s engineering department, powered by two Vulcano 400 V8 and able to reach 100 km/h.