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Opac presents the “diamond” hard top for the Ferretti InFYnito 90

28 February 2024

A special glass slatted roof is what Opac, a company that specializes in the design and production of hardtops for boats and cars, has created for the Ferretti InFYnito 90 and its All Season Terrace, a large covered, bow space that earned the yacht a category award at the Boat International Design and Innovation Awards 2024.

Ferretti Yachts for the All Season Terrace of its Ferretti InFYnito 90 turned to Opac who, together with the shipyard’s designers, created an innovative sunroof with an original diamond shape that covers an area of approximately 10 square metres.

The sunroof consists of a frame on which 16 glass slats of different lengths are mounted to create the stand-out design of the hard top. The slats can rotate at will to choose how much sunlight to let through and how much to ventilate the space below.

In addition, the special Opac sunroof, thanks to a special film laminated into the glass, ensures thermal insulation and is also available in a version with fixed glass panes to meet the needs of those who want a custom solution.