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Norberto Ferretti nominated honorary chairman of Wider

8 January 2024

Marcello Maggi, President of W-Fin Sarl, the holding company that holds 100% of Wider’s capital, and Norberto Ferretti have drawn up an agreement that strengthens the decision-making structure and renews the shipyard’s Board of Directors.

The result of the agreement is the appointment of Norberto Ferretti to the position of honorary president of Wider, while Massimo Iacono, already on the previous board, will lead the new board.

I am thrilled that our paths will cross again,” said Marcello Maggi, “Norberto’s know-how in the field of product development is invaluable and his authoritative presence gives us confirmation of the relevance the Wider brand still carries, a relevance I am willing to bet on, within the international yachting scene.”

What fascinates me most about Wider is its calling as a pioneer. With Wider, tomorrow is not an unknown variable, but a starting point.” Commented Norberto Ferretti, founder in 1968 with his brother Alessandro of Ferretti Yachts. “The path towards the brand’s re-launch that has been undertaken in recent years is truly inspiring; I am ready to help outline the products and technologies of the shipyard’s future.”

2024 will be a year full of new designs from Wider, with the launch of the WiderCat 92, a catamaran designed by Luca Dini and with serial hybrid propulsion, and the WiLder 60, born from the Wider Style Centre.