Genoa Boat Show

New designs at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show – Patrone Moreno has chosen Tommaso Spadolini for their new Patrone 100

10 August 2022

The Patrone 100, which the Cantiere Patrone Moreno will be unveiling at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show, bears the signature of Tommaso Spadolini. Spadolini’s choice was born from the desire to celebrate the centenary of the shipyard and create a new gozzo that embodies the elegance, charm and nuances of the Italian boats of the 1960s.

11.00 metres long with a maximum beam of 3.30 metres, the Patrone 100 stands out with its amount of light and space and direct contact with the sea, even in the cabin, realised thanks to the long hull window that almost reaches the tip of the bow.

The cockpit is furnished with a dinette, seating to stern and the driving position (under the seats there is a cooking surface) sheltered by a T-Top.

The lower deck includes the forward master cabin with double bed and two outfitting solutions. The Deluxe for the owner only and the Family version which has a second cabin. The Patrone 100 is available in an inboard version.