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Lomac’s latest products narrated by Paolo Lo Manto

24 September 2023

A new flagship and the Turismo 9.5. Raising a glass of Bèlon du Bèlon, Lomac presented its two latest models at the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show. “This has been an excellent year for Lomac,” explained Paolo Lo Manto, part of the third regeneration of the Lo Manto family. “We are presenting two new deisgns today: the GranTurismo 14.0 X, a revisitation, or rather an alternative conception of our 14-metre, completely redesigned and reimagined. We have brought with us the full optional version to show the full potential of this model. And another new product is the Turismo 9.5, a product we previewed last year in its smallest seven-metre version. Today we have presented the more generous nine-and-a-half-metre”. “These are both results,” continued Paolo Lo Manto, “of our research into hull efficiency, performance and style. This year we are working with a company from Milan that specialises in interiors, aircraft and luxury cars, so we have been working intensively on different materials in another aspect of the extensive Turismo line”.