Genoa Boat Show

Lomac: world debut of the Tourism 7.0 and more

4 August 2022

A world premiere for the new Lomac Turismo 7.0 at this year’s 62nd Genoa International Boat Show. Designed by the Federico Fiorentino, an expert when it comes to perfecting exceptionally performing hulls, the new Turismo 7.0 will be powered by a 250 horsepower Mercury.

A performance boat, the Turismo 7.0 features two sundecks to bow and stern, in addition to the vertical bow wheel, the latter being convertible into a dinette with a central table and seating for 6-8 people. Another feature derived from the design of the hull is the safety and comfort of a dry boat in all sea conditions.

Alongside the new Turismo 7.0, the Lomac catwalk will also feature a number of the most successful models of the GranTurismo and Adrenalina lines such as the GranTurismo 10.5 powered by two 300hp Yamaha V6s, the GranTurismo 8.5 with two 200hp Mercury engines, the GranTurismo 11.0 with two 300hp Yamahas and the 12.5 GranTurismo with three 300hp Mercury units.