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Lomac joins the Australian Cove Boat Show

23 May 2023

Lomac, with its Turismo 660, Turismo 710 and Tender 300LX will be taking part in the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, the Australian boat show held in the city of Gold Coast from 25th to 28th May.

Lomac, which is participating alongside its dealer for the southern hemisphere FlagStaff Marine, will present two models from the Turismo line, which is in great demand in the Australian market: the Turismo 660 and the Turismo 710 featuring a typically Italian design.

The third model offered to Australian enthusiasts by Lomac is the Tender 300LX, which features tubulars in Neoprene Hypalon, a material that makes it extremely durable and resistant to impact and can be fitted with suspension attachments.  The Tender 300 XL comes in a standard white, and the tubular can be customised with the words “tender to… “.