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Indemar to be distributor for Italy of Super B batteries

24 March 2023

Indemar, a company founded in 1972 and a long-standing distributor of innovative technical components for the boating sector, announces that it is the new distributor for Italy of Super B, lithium-iron-phosphate batteries tailored to the recreational yachting industry.

Among the stand-out features of Super B lithium-iron-phosphate batteries are that they last longer and are designed for maximum safety. In addition, they charge quickly and discharge slowly, and retain their capacity much longer than lead-acid batteries.

The Super B batteries distributed in Italy by Indemar are available in various models with different capacities and characteristics, ranging from the rechargeable Nomada 12V105AH, with a nominal capacity of 105Ah, to the Nomia 12V340AH model, with a nominal capacity of 340Ah.