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HP Watermakers installed on board superyacht Al Waab

20 November 2023

Adding to an already impressivelist of prestigious yachts, HP Watermakers now includes an installation onboard the Al Waab, a 54.85-metre superyacht built in Turkey by the Alia Yachts shipyard, launched in 2021 and winner the following year in three categories at the Design and Innovation Awards.

Such a special and innovative yacht deserved an equally cutting-edge set of filtration systems starting from desalination, through to its distribution points,” explained Gianni Zucco, Co-founder of HP Watermakers. “This is why HP Watermakers’ outfitting for the Al Waab was particularly careful, having developed an exclusive design based on a system that is undoubtedly redundant, but for this very reason is emergency-proof.”

Thus, the HP Watermakers SC DOUBLE 880 was installed on board the Al Waab, equipped with an RP TRONIC system that ensures its fully automatic operation. Its production capacity is 880 l/h of fresh water with a consumption of only 6 kW (2×3 kW).

The system is complemented by the HP DEMIDOUBLE softening system that treats marina water during embarkation, providing Al Waab with softened water, preventing limescale deposits in all systems that use fresh water, and guaranteeing perfectly clean surfaces.