on 3 October 2015

in NEWS, Press release

Genoa Boat Show – Day 4

Genoa Boat Show – Day 4

The show passed the turning point, with the enthusiasm of the audience and the operators, the Boat Show is going forward to the second part of its 55th edition.

Tomorrow in agenda an important meeting for all the visitors with the champions of the sea, testimonials of the Show, and with VOR, 11am at the Teatro del Mare.

Most of the people call this edition of the Show the “Show of the re-birth” and looking at these first three days it really seems to be that. It has what is needed: from the great enthusiasm of the public, numerous despite the not always clement weather, and the satisfaction of the shipyards and the operators that had the possibility to use this occasion to show their excellence products and to network with others operators of the boating world here in the Genoa Boat Show.



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