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Garmin presents the Panoptix PS70 for deep sea fishing

14 February 2024

The first of its kind to provide real-time images from as deep as 300 metres down is a project signed by Garmin. This is the Panopitix PS70 designed for discerning anglers looking for the most advanced solution on the market.

Equipped with Garmin’s revolutionary RapidReturn technology, the Panoptix PS70 returns extremely sharp and detailed 3D images of everything below the boat in real time thanks to a minimum refresh rate of 10 frames per second, up to eight times faster than previous models, even at depths of up to 300 metres.

The Panoptix PS70 offers four modes of use: LiveVü Down which allows you to see small schools of fish and predators in a 120-degree viewing angle, the traditional mode, the Triple-Beam which shows what’s under the boat to starboard, centre and port, and RealVü 3D History which helps you locate targets and build a map of the seabed while the boat is in motion. The True Motion 3D transducer return function also follows the boat’s course over the seabed.

Garmin’s Panoptix PS70 can be mounted flush with the hull, on the transom, or on the inside of the hull and is compatible with a wide range of Garmin GPSMAP chartplotters.